Putting your children first: a forward-thinking approach to family law

1st September ‘20

As a proud supporter of Resolution for 12 years and active member of their Parenting After Parting Committee, I welcome opportunities to support Resolution and their partners in educating people to better co-parent with each other for the best interests of their children.

Most recently, I had the pleasure of being involved in a webinar/podcast interviewing Nicola Withycombe, the founder of Kids Come First, to learn more about the program and support they offer to separated parents, which you can listen to here: https://resolution.org.uk/nicola-withycombe-kids-come-first/

Becoming a separated parent is an emotional challenging time in anyone’s life, the important work Kids Come First provides helps us all to understand why separating parents need support and intervention at the earliest stage in order to avoid litigation, why court is likely not to be the answer in most cases, and the importance of creating a collaborative child centred co-parenting partnership.

What is Resolution? 

Resolution is an organisation that represents members from the family law community who work with families and individuals to resolve disputed issues in a constructive way. As a member of Resolution, I am expected to approach my work in a certain way which I would describe as a modern forward-thinking approach to family law, for example:

  • I will do what I can to manage or reduce any confrontation or conflict;
  • I will encourage and support my clients to put their children first;
  • I will always act with integrity and honesty;
  • I will help my clients understand and manage the potential long term financial and emotional consequences of their decisions; and
  • Use my experience, knowledge and contacts to guide my clients through the options available to them.

What is the Parenting After Parting Committee?

The Parenting After Parting Committee are family law professionals from across the country who strongly believe that, provided it is safe, it is in the best interests of all children to have separated parents that co-parent. In adopting this philosophy, the committee aims to:

  • Help members develop their skills to support parents agree arrangements concerning their children and help their children through the divorce/separation process;
  • Raise the profile of Resolution and the approach they believe should be followed in family law;
  • Create, review and update training for Resolution members that can help them in their everyday practice; and
  • Provide resources and tools that both Resolution members and separated parents can use to help them support and encourage co-parenting.

If anyone is ever thinking of getting legal advice from a family law solicitor I would encourage you to think about who you instruct and to make sure they are a member of Resolution, they believe in Resolution’s Code of Practice and will approach your case in a way that is in the best interests of you and your family.

 If you require support or guidance on any matter in this article, please do not hesitate to contact nt@calibrate-law.com. Naheed Taj is Head of Family at Calibrate Law.

This post is intended to be a brief note for clients and other interested parties. The information is believed to be correct at the date of publication but should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional advice.

This article was originally writeten by Marc Etherington.



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