Litigation Funding - Strategy

Litigation Funding Strategy

What sets Calibrate’s litigation funding approach apart:

Strategic vetting. The robust portfolio of claims was selected with the highest potential for success alongside enhanced portfolio diversification to reduce risk and lower the cost of After The Event (ATE) insurance.

Extensive due diligence. As a thorough understanding of risks is vital to success, all cases have been subject to extensive due diligence by Humphries Kerstetter. In addition, opinions regarding the merits of all cases have been obtained from independent counsel.
Conservative assumptions about average case duration, gross case return multiples and expected win rates.
Strong governance and oversight. The fund’s Investment Committee comprises experienced professionals from investment, tax and legal backgrounds to manage and oversee progress and deliverables.
Better terms. By eliminating the funding intermediary, we increase efficiency and reduce costs – offering investors the opportunity to invest on better terms than current market practice.
Alignment of interests. Litigators’ fees are partially contingent, including receiving a share of the performance fee.
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