The Fund targets high growth UK start-ups that are fundraising at seed or early growth stages.

The Fund invests in companies which demonstrate a competitive advantage and market leadership potential, a clear path to revenue and profitability, a well-defined plan for a capital efficient and scalable business and thought leadership in a defined category.

The typical size per Investment is between £500k and £1.5M, with provisions for follow-on investment if these Portfolio Companies perform well for the Fund.

Our diversified portfolio approach and disciplined investment process is designed to mitigate the higher risk associated with Investing in smaller companies. Partners will use their significant experience and expertise in managing securities portfolios to the advantage of the Fund.

The Fund also benefits from its Partners’ reputation and network of relationships to provide it with access to many attractive investment opportunities. These relationships include access to select investment circles, innovation professionals working in financial services, successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, Legal advisors and consultants.

Calibrate is well positioned within the UK investment ecosystem. In addition to the Partners’ network, they have been actively developing further collaboration channels such as co-investment partnerships and relationships with accelerators and incubators around the UK.